Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting

England cricket is a British game par excellence, although some historians argue the origins of football, there is no doubt about the origins of British cricket betting!

This game originated during the eighteenth century or perhaps in the sixteenth century. Thanks to the trade movement and cultural influence, it traveled to the rest of European, Asian countries and America. Today the International Cricket Council is located very far from London in Dubai! This council includes 104 countries interested in this wonderful sport. And it organizes various local, regional, and international tournaments, including the most famous cricket tournaments. Such as: (ICC Cricket World Cup, Ashes Series, ICC Championship Trophy).

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The Most Important Rules of England Cricket

Cricket is a team game takes place on an oval field. Each team aims to score more points (runs) and prevent the opposing team from scoring points.

The England cricket match includes 2 halves called “innings”. In the first inning, there is a “bowling team” that throws the ball to score points and the “batsmen team” that blocks the opponent's balls to prevent them from scoring points. Then, in the next inning they alternate roles. In other words, the cricket inning is in one direction. Therefore, the task of each team is to defence or attack only.

The match begins after the referee throws a coin to determine which team will start as the bowlers and which team will start as the batsmen.

The inning is not timed by a specific period but ends when the bowlers' team balls run out or when 10 out of 11 batsmen fail to hit the ball. Once the batsman fails to hit the ball, he exits the pitch and is replaced by another teammate.

As previously mentioned, the winner of the match is the one who beats his opponent in the number of points scored.

Cricket Match Formats

England Cricket is a slow-paced game that relies more on strategy than speed. So, all types of England cricket matches have long durations, ranging from 3 hours up to 5 days! There are three forms of professional cricket matches approved and managed by the International Cricket Council, which are:

  • Test Match – This is the oldest format of England cricket, dating back to 1877. The test match takes place over 5 consecutive days and consists of two innings. Although it can be boring for the viewers, this type tests the endurance of the teams and their ability to last and compete over a long period.
  • One Day Internationals – This form emerged in 1971, nearly 100 years after the previous type! As its name implies, the One-Day Match takes place over a single day. This match contains one-inning contains 50 overs per team. This match tests each team's speed, strategy, and ability to make the right decision under changing conditions. Among the most important tournaments for this format are: (pinnacle event, Cricket World Cup).
  • Twenty20 – This is the fastest and the most popular type of Cricket. It was created in 2005 and has been very popular with viewers and bettors alike. The duration of a Twenty20 match is only 3 hours. The most important event for the Twenty20 form is: (The ICC World Twenty20).

What Are the Available Cricket Betting Markets?

Sports betting sites are very innovative in offering more England cricket betting markets and they are can amaze all players with the wide range of betting options they can offer. However, it is important not to lose sight of the basic sports betting rule which is that the higher the odds of winning, the lower the profits, and the lower the odds of winning, the lower the profits. We have listed below the best cricket bets you can place at sports betting sites outside of GamStop.

  1. Match Betting

This is the easiest and most popular bet type among all cricket fans. On the match betting, you have only three options to choose from (the home team wins, away team wins, draw). If the match is the elimination period, the choice will be narrowed to home wins and away wins only. You don't have to specify anything else like the average number of points scored; The task is to predict the result of the match only.

  1. Completed Match

Although a one-day internationals match must be played within a single day, there are external factors that may disrupt its completion such as weather conditions. You can place a bet on whether the match will complete on the same day or no. It is worth noting that delaying the match is not a result but it means that the result has not yet been determined. In other words, the completed match bet doesn’t interfere with the match betting.

Over / Under

The sports betting site will give an average points / goals / runs per match and you can bet that both teams will score higher or lower than the set number. This bet is also called “Point Spread” but most sports betting sites are now called Over / Under.

  1. Top Bowler

If you think that there is a player who will perform well during the match of the tournament and take the most wickets, you can place a Top Bowler bet on him.

  1. Top Batsman

Like the previous bet, you can predict which player will score the highest number of goals during the match or the entire tournament.

  1. Tournament Outright Winner

You can bet on the team that will outperform all its rivals and win the title.

How to Choose the Best Cricket Betting Site?

To pick the most suitable sports betting site, there are some standards that you should consider, which are as follows:

  1. Reliability and security

The betting site must hold valid licenses from a legal authority such as Curaçao Gaming Commission, Malta Commission, Gibraltar Commission. In addition, the site must protect players' financial data using encryption and security protocols such as SSL and TSL.

  1. Markets and betting odds

This sports betting site should cover all the global, regional, and local cricket events and offers many betting markets for them. In addition, the betting odds must be competitive and high.

  1. Bonuses and promotions

To bet for a longer period and get higher profits, the site must offer you a wide range of bonuses and rewards.

  1. Payment Methods

The chosen betting site should accept many payment options that you can use in the UK easily such as credit and debit cards, E-Wallets, and Altcoins.

  1. Customer Care

Before choosing a bookmaker, you should check the support service quality and make sure that the customer care team is available 24/7 and you can contact them via many channels like live chat, email, and phone calls.